Frequently Asked Questions

  • Highland Cattle
  • Are they Mini’s?

    No, Highlands have short legs so they appear to be smaller.

  • Why are they so shaggy?

    Highland cattle carry their barns on their back! The thick hair protects them from the elements.

  • Since they all have horns, how can you tell a cow from a bull?

    Bull horns curve out and down, cow horns curve out and up.

  • What is their temperament?

    Highland cattle are intelligent and docile, making them easy to handle and train. Cows have strong maternal instincts and are excellent mothers. Calves are playful and inquisitive. Contrary to appearances, well-trained bulls have mellow dispositions and are "second in command" after the herd cow.

  • Are they easy to raise and care for?

    Yes! They do not require barns, and prefer to shelter under trees or in the open. They will browse on a variety of vegetation. They calve unassisted and produce vigorous offspring. Highland cattle are hardy and naturally disease resistant, requiring minimal veterinary attention.

  • Blackface Sheep
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